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  • Summer Songs Cryptogram

    Summer Songs Cryptogram

    The cryptogram below is made up of fun summer related songs. As you figure out the number to letter code, write the number under the corresponding letter. To print, right mouse button click and save to your computer. Something Fun To Do Index Fun Pages Index Connect with FranW.com! Facebook  Pinterest YouTube Channel

  • Monster Mash Word Search

    Monster Mash Word Search

    Have you ever heard the song, “Monster Mash”? It’s a fun song that was a one-hit-wonder twice! Learn more about this song, listen to it, and learn a dance that was created for it here on FranW.com. Here is a word search for you to enjoy, based on the song. Connect with FranW.com! Facebook Twitter […]

  • Bells


        Wikipedia: Bell– Etymology, history, styles of ringing, church and temple bells, bellfounding and more. Also,Campanology – The study of bells.Owlcation: Interesting Facts About the History of Bells – Article includes information about: Introduction of Bells Across the World, How Were Bells Made, Tuning of the Bell, What Are Handbells?, Bell Towers, What is Bell […]

  • Ukulele


    UkuTabs.com – 99 Most Popular UkuTabs of All Time – Find the chords and tabs for your favorite songs. Free! UkuTuner.com – Tune your ukulele with the help of this site. Free of charge. Wikipedia: Ukulele – History, construction, types & sizes, tuning and more.YouTube: Ukulele Playlist – You will find a collection of videos about the ukulele, its history, […]

  • Victorian Era Information, Games, Crafts & Foods

    Victorian Era Information, Games, Crafts & Foods

    Polar of Emlen Physick Estate 1879 Information about the Victorian Era 1837-1901   BBC: Primary History: Victorian Era – An interactive tour of Victorian Britain.   Wikipedia: Victorian Era – The history of Queen Victoria’s reign.   Victorian Web: Music in the Era of Queen Victoria – Article.   eHow: Children’s Games in England – Instructions for 3 games. Victorian Era Games Victorian World: Victorian […]

  • January


    Here are some of the activities and topics that can be found on Fran’s World of Discovery based on famous people born this month, seasonal activities, featured foods and fun learning activities… Foods Apple Research Project – Apples are still in season! There are a lot of interesting things you can do with apples such as […]

  • Monster Mash

    Monster Mash, by Bobby (Boris) Pickett and the Crypt-Kickers The ‘Monster Mash’ is a fun song co-written by Bobby “Boris” Pickett and Leonard Capizzi, in 1962. After every major record label turned the song down, Gary S. Paxton’s, of Garpax Records, decided to produce it. The song reached the #1 position on the Billboard Hot 100 chart […]

  • The Star-Spangled Banner

    The Star-Spangled Banner

        Did you know that America’s national anthem was first written as a poem?    Francis Scott Key wrote a poem entitled, “The Defense of Fort McHenry.” It was later set to the religious hymn, “To Anacreon in Heaven” and renamed, “The Star-Spangled Banner”!   If you would like to listen to and sing […]