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  • Recycle Challenge: Water Bottle Challenge 

    Recycle Challenge: Water Bottle Challenge 

    Before you throw that water bottle away, or toss it into the recycle bin, think of some fun and useful ways to give it a new purpose. Use a small water bottle or a gallon size. Make sure you clean it out well and allow it to dry completely if you plan to store anything […]

  • Summer Songs Cryptogram

    Summer Songs Cryptogram

    The cryptogram below is made up of fun summer related songs. As you figure out the number to letter code, write the number under the corresponding letter. To print, right mouse button click and save to your computer. Something Fun To Do Index Fun Pages Index Connect with FranW.com! Facebook  Pinterest YouTube Channel

  • Summertime Criss-Cross Puzzle 

    Summertime Criss-Cross Puzzle 

    Use the words in the word bank provided to fill in the blocks below. Something Fun To Do Index Fun Pages Index Criss-Cross Word Puzzles: Summer Fun Page – Pecan Fun Page – Paper Clip Fun Page – Watermelon Fun Page – Fibonacci Fun Page – Coral Reef Fun Page – Revolutionary War – Radio […]

  • DIY Backyard Tic-Tac-Toe

    DIY Backyard Tic-Tac-Toe

    Getting outdoors to play while the weather is nice is great for everyone! Game Board To play tic-tac-tac you will need a game board. This can be made from any of the following suggestions, or something of your own choosing. · A PVC pipe and four 4-way connectors the same width as the PVC pipe. To cut […]

  • Flower Values

    Flower Values

    What you’ll need: The chart provided below, printed out, or paper and pencil, a calculator, a website, book, or another source of spring flower names What to do: Choose 5-10 of your favorite spring flowers (common or scientific names) and figure out the number value for each word. If you need a little help with […]

  • Make A Snowflake

    Make A Snowflake

    Something Fun To Do Index Fun Pages Index Connect with FranW.com! Facebook  Pinterest YouTube Channel

  • Frosty Fractals

    Frosty Fractals

    Something Fun To Do IndexFun Pages Index Connect with FranW.com!Facebook  PinterestYouTube Channel

  • Recreational Math Activities

    Recreational Math Activities

    Math World: Recreational Mathematics – Offers a list of activities available on the site. Some of the selections include: Cryptograms, dissection, folding, games, illusions and there’s MUCH more!Math.com: Recreational – Puzzles, fractals, Spirograph, Roman Numeral calculator, and other topics. The Math Factor: A Quick Puzzle From OSCON – Check out the archives of this site located on the right side panel for […]

  • Geometric Designs

    Geometric Designs

    Cleave Books – A PDF file with geometric designs made from simple shapes. Dearing Draws – Site offers a Blog, tutorials, videos, and free downloads of geometric patterns. This site offer an e-course as well.   Creative Bloq – 23 Glorious Geometric Patterns in Design – See what happens when shapes take center stage. Design School: […]

  • Spark of the Day: Roman Numerals

    Spark of the Day: Roman Numerals

    Roman Numerals by Fran W. Roman numerals may not be used as often as they once were, but they are still used in a variety of ways and can offer up a fun challenge for the day! The basic symbols and number values are: I =  1 V = 5 X = 10 L = […]

  • Paper Airplanes

    Paper Airplanes

    Today’s Topic: Paper Airplanes   Did you know……   The Guinness World record for the longest time a paper airplane was held aloft is 29.2 seconds!    Today’s Activity:  Make paper airplanes   Paper Airplanes HQ Learn about the history of paper planes, view 50 instructional videos for making paper planes.   Tips and suggestions….   If […]