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Chinese New Year

Chinese Zodiac Celebrate Chinese New Year with these fun, cultural activities…Funschooling and Recreational Learning: Tangrams – Make your own Tangram pieces and puzzles. Make your own Zodiac Mat or Wheel As you find out about each zodiac symbol, glue that icon to a mat or wheel and add information about […]

Ancient Greece

The Parthenon Ancient Greece: Main Page – Click on any of the following topics: Art & Architecture, history, geography, mythology, people, Olympics, wars, culture & society.Ancient History Lists: Greek History – Top 10 inventions and discoveries of ancient Greece that are remarkably used today.Wikipedia: Ancient Greece – Chronology, historiography, […]

Louis Braille

Louis Braille Wikipedia: Louis Braille – History of Louis Braille and information about the braille system.AFB: Braille Bug: What is braille?, information about Louis Braille and Helen Keller. Games – Name game, Braille Jumble, riddles and rhymes, and more.PBS Kids: You’ve Got Braille! – Braille translator. Write your own message and have it translated into braille.Omniglot: Writing Braille – Braille alphabet and number charts.Suggested ActivitiesPut dots of glue, […]

Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla Tesla Society: Biography – Article: Tesla biography: The Genius Who Lit The World. Site also includes some information about his most famous inventions.Biography: Nikola Tesla – Site offers biographical information about Tesla’s life: The early years, years as an inventor, his fall from grace, and his […]


Energy Quest: Peanut Power – Use the energy from a peanut to create fuel.Kids Activity Blog: Peanut Butter Playdough – Site offers a dairy-free, edible recipe made with three ingredients.IN.gov: Reclamation: Floating Peanut Experiment – Site offers an experiment. PDF format. National Peanut Board: Classroom Lesson Plans – 12 Peanut activities and a downloadable peanut comic […]

Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin PBS: Ben Franklin – Find out who Ben Franklin was and what hisaccomplishments were. Site also offers a teacher’s guide. Wikipedia: Benjamin Franklin – The life and accomplishments of Ben Franklin.Franklin Institute: Ben Franklin – Offers historical resources for the armonica, lightning rod, Nini Medallion, and much more. Check here for FAQ about Ben.Ben’s Guide to […]

Victorian Era Information, Games, Crafts & Foods

Polar of Emlen Physick Estate 1879 Information about theVictorian Era 1837-1901 BBC: Primary History: Victorian Era – An interactive tour of Victorian Britain. Wikipedia: Victorian Era – The history of Queen Victoria’s reign. Victorian Web: Music in the Era of Queen Victoria – Article. eHow: Children’s Games in England – Instructions for 3 games. Benoit Academy: Victorian Christmas […]

Silent Night

Silent Night Chapel Photo by Gakuro SILENT NIGHT: The Song Heard ‘Round The World – Article: The history of the song. Wikipedia: Silent Night – History of the song, hear and read the song in English and German, plus pictures. The German Way – Stille Nacht – Silent Night – Information and pictures about […]

Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens Celebrate the life of Charles Dickens by learning about him, listening to and/or reading his stories, and living as he would during his time period. History Biography: Charles Dickens – Offers a 45 minute video and written information about Dickens.BBC: Charles Dickens – Information about Dickens’ life. A Christmas Carol & Other […]

Christmas Trees

Glade Jul by Johansen Viggo History Of The Christmas Tree History.com: History of Christmas Trees – Videos and written information about the Christmas tree. How it got its start and Christmas trees around the world.WhyChristmas?.com: The History of The Christmas Tree –  Article gives the history of the Christmas tree. […]