United States Flag

Oil painting 39 US historical flags  photo author Zimand

Did you know…

The United States flag should never touch the ground.

If the U.S. flag is to be displayed at night, it should be illuminated.

Make an American Flag

You will need:

Construction paper in red, white and blue, white or silver star stickers, glue, scissors, pencil, and a ruler

– Cut a 5×5 square of blue construction paper (for the star box)
– Cut 7 ½ inch strips of red construction paper (for stripes)
– Leave white construction paper intact

Directions: First, glue all the red strips to the white paper leaving an equal amount of space between each strip to form red and white stripes (there should be 13 rows in all beginning and ending in red). Next, glue the 5×5 blue square to the upper left hand corner of the paper – cover the stripes. Add 50 white or silver stars to the blue square and hang on a wall or door.

Tip: The red construction paper should be cut to the length of the white construction paper that you are using as a base.

Research Question…

What do the stripes, stars, and colors of the United States flag mean?

Learn more:
US Flag.org
What do the colors of the flag mean?

Wikipedia: The Flag of the United States
Iconic meaning, displaying etiquette, and history

PBS: The American Flag
Classroom resource: History, displaying flag, its symbols, links to other activities and crafts

Home of Heroes: Stars and Stripes – Symbolism of the colors of the US flag and info on the types of flags: Betsy Ross and Bennington Flag.

Flag Day is June 14th of each year.  
Here’s some information about this day:

US Flag: History of Flag Day

National Flag Day Foundation – Information about the origins of the day.

Wikipedia: Flag Day – History and observance of the day.

Still Learning Something New: Flag Day – Offers links to other great flag related sites.

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The following template can be use the help make the flag if needed.
To Print: Click on the picture, right mouse click, choose save image and print. 
For best results print on full page setting.


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