The first bubblegum was invented in 1906 by Frank H. Fleer and was called Blibber-Bubble. The gum was never marketed to the public.

Suggested Activity: The Biggest Bubble

You’ll need:

2 different brands of bubblegum, a ruler, a pencil and paper

What to do:

Before you begin, write down the name of each brand of gum you are going to use for this experiment.

For each brand of bubble gum, chew one piece at a time, when you can blow a bubble, blow the biggest bubble possible, measure it with a ruler, and write down the results next to that brand of gum. Repeat three times.

Compare your answers and write down your findings.
Which brand of bubble gum allowed you to make the biggest bubble possible and how big was that bubble?

Alternative tracking method: Draw or take pictures of each step or record the experiment on video.

Question of the day…..

What was the name of the first successful commercial bubblegum, who invented it, and can you still get it today?

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