Make Your Own: Easy Gravestone

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To make an easy gravestone you will need:

Any cardboard box such as a cereal or a cracker box
Gray construction paper or gray tissue paper
Black acrylic paint
Foam Brush
Foam stickers (Halloween and letters)
White glue
Packing tape

Optional Items: Ruler, pencil, gray acrylic paint, hot glue

What to do:

Step 1: Close and cover the box

After taping or hot gluing the open end of the box closed, you can:

  • Measure and cut gray construction paper to fit each side, and glue each panel to the box.

  • Wrap the box up like a present with a large piece of gray tissue paper, and then tape or glue it together on the back and bottom. All the seams should go toward the back of the box.

  • Another way to cover the box is to turn the box inside out, re-crease the edges, and hot glue it closed. Cover the box with white tissue paper, hot glue at the seams, and paint the whole thing gray.

Step 2: After covering the box, paint the foam pieces you are planning to use black, let them dry, and glue them to the box.

Make a Rounded Gravestone too!