Spark of the Day: Santa’s Reindeer


Santa is looking for a reindeer to help pull his sleigh on Christmas Eve! You can help by creating a reindeer for Santa’s famous Christmas Eve journey!  

To make the reindeer above, you will need:

Your hand, construction paper, a shoe, markers or crayons, scissors, glue, pom-pom, and googly eyes

Optional reindeer making items: Glitter, paper punches, stencils, bathroom tissue tube, paper bag, craft sticks, clothes pins, milk carton, paper plate, paper, paint and paint brushes, etc.

For more reindeer making ideas, please visit Artists Helping Children

How to make the reindeer in the picture above:

  • To make the face – Trace a shoe onto construction paper and cut it out.
  • To make antlers – Fold a piece of construction paper in half, trace your hand onto the construction paper with a marker, and cut them out. You should have two hand cut-outs once you are finished.
  • Glue the antlers behind the top of the head and add facial features such as eyes, nose (pom-pom), and a mouth.
  • Add extras such as eye lashes, eye brows, hair, a bow or a bow tie, ears, glasses, lights, and any other features you can think of.
Hand reindeer by Zach V.

Alternate reindeer: Cover a bathroom tissue paper tube with construction paper, trace and cut out your hands for the antlers, cut slits on either side of the tube, and slide the antlers in. The antlers may need to be trimmed a bit on the bottom to fit in the tube correctly. Glue the bottom of the hands together and use the rest of the tube for the reindeer’s face.


  • If your reindeer is a male or a female.
  • What its name is.
  • How old it is.

Now, think about the special qualities your reindeer will need in order to join Santa’s team for a Christmas Eve adventure!

  • Is your reindeer: Smart, funny, serious, friendly, silly, shy, quiet, happy, fast, slow, clever, strong, etc.
  • What is special about your reindeer? Does it glow somewhere, does it run fast, can it fly?

Santa is taking applications for his reindeer team!

When one of Santa’s reindeers want to take the year off, he will be looking through his applications and choosing the reindeer needed to step in!

Write, draw, or record a message telling Santa why your reindeer should be chosen to fill in for a member of his team.

Be sure to let Santa know if your reindeer:

  • Is a relative of Santa’s current team.
  • Likes elves.
  • Enjoys listening to jingle bells.
  • Can work nights and holidays.
  • Gets along well with other reindeer.

Don’t forget to tell Santa how and where your reindeer learned how to do the amazing things it can do!

Leave the information out for Santa to view on Christmas Eve, and one year he or she may be chosen to go on a wonderful adventure!

Learning more about reindeer.

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