Valentine’s Day

Did you know…
Over 190 million Valentine’s Day cards are sent in the U.S. each year!

Today’s Activity: Make homemade Valentines

Through the ages, people have made their own Valentines to give away.

There are many different types of Valentine’s you can make and give to others. Here’s a list of some of the things you will need:
Construction or copy paper, or card stock, ribbons, doilies, feathers, flowers (dried/artificial), lace, ribbon, beads, glue, scissors, stickers, stamps, markers, crayons, something to write with, pushpin, glitter, sequins, hole punch, yarn, tape, needle and thread, heart shaped template, and any other craft supplies you may have on hand.
Optional: Craft mat or corrugated cardboard, craft knife, gold paint and a paint brush (to paint doilies if desired)
What to do:

Make Valentine’s Day cards with the items listed above.

Here are some ideas:

Victorian Pin-prick cards can be made with cardstock or construction paper, a design of your choosing, a pencil, a pushpin, and a craft mat or corrugated cardboard.

Decide on the size and shape you want your card to be, then on the back side of the front of your card, draw a design with a pencil. Using the pushpin, pop small holes in the paper all around the pencil lines. Place a craft mat or a piece of thick corrugated cardboard under your card to allow the pushpin to go through more easily. When you have finished making holes in the design, turn your card over to see the results.
Tip: Use the full length of the pushpin so that each hole can be seen more clearly.

Doily Cards can be made with cardstock or construction paper, doilies, glue, scissors, dried flowers, glitter, stickers, clip art, and other craft supplies.

Cut out a heart and glue it to the middle of a doily, then decorate the middle of the heart any way you like.
Tip: Other Valentine’s Day related images can be put in the middle such as cupids, arrows, and flowers.

Sewn cards can be made with cardstock or construction paper, a hole punch, ribbon or yarn and tape, or needle and thread.

Cut out the shape you want, pop holes around the outside of the card with a hole punch, put tape on one end of a length of yarn or ribbon, and sew around the card. Finish off at the top of the heart with a bow and cut off any excess material.
Another idea is to make a shape or design with a pencil on the front of the card and use a needle and thread to outline your pencil design.
Tip: Keep your pencil marks light so they can not be seen on the final product.

Fold and Cut Cards can be made with construction or copy paper, or cardstock, a pencil, and a scissor.

Fold a piece of paper in half and draw half of a heart. A heart template cut in half can help you do this. Cut the heart shape out and keep it folded. Draw a design to cut out with a scissor.
Tip: For more detailed cut-outs, use a cuticle scissor or a craft knife. This idea is similar to cutting a paper snowflake.

Question of the day:

How do other countries celebrate Valentine’s Day?

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