Halloween Windsocks

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Halloween Windsocks by Fran W.

Decorate the yard with Halloween windsocks!

You will need…

Paper plate, construction paper, scissor, glue, crepe paper, yarn, and packing tape, stapler or a hole punch

What to do…

Make the face of your favorite Halloween icon on the paper plate with construction paper and glue, pop two holes on the top to hang it with yarn and add crepe paper along the bottom of the plate. 

You can add the crepe paper one of the following ways:

  • Staple or tape the crepe paper to the paper plate.
  • Pop holes around the bottom of the plate, twist the top of the crepe paper, put it through the hole and tie it to the paper plate. Packing tape can be used to keep them in place if needed. The picture shown was done with this method. 
Hang them in trees or anywhere they can blow in the breeze.

Face suggestions:

Ghost, pumpkin, Frankenstein, scarecrow, vampire, etc.

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