Hot Air Balloons

Bristol Balloon Fiesta by NotFromUtrecht (Own work)
History of Hot Air Balloons First Hot-Air Balloon Flight – Site offers a brief history of the first hot air balloon flight.

About: InventorsHistory of Airships and Balloons – Site offers the history of the hot air balloon and how it was used, plus info about other air ships.

Wikipedia: Hot Air Balloon – Site offers a general overview of hot air balloons, including the history of who invented it, when it was invented and more. This site also has information about the brothers who invented it, and the men who flew it: Jean-FrançoisPilâtre de Rozier and FrançoisLaurent d’Arlandes

You Tube Videos: Can be found in the video list below.
The Montgolfier Brothers and the Hot Air Balloon- Talks about the history of the hot air balloon and how it works.

Ballooning: History of Balloons parts 1-2 1944 US Navy – Also gives the history of the hot air balloon, how it works and how it was used. Parts 1 and 2 offered.

How Hot Air Balloons Are Made and Work

How Stuff Works: How a Hot Air Balloon Works – Find out how a balloon rises up and how the pilot controls it.

eBalloonHow Hot Air Balloons Work – Site offers a brief explanation of how a hot air balloon works.

Plano Balloon Festival: Anatomy of a Hot Air Balloon – Find out what the parts of a hot air balloon are called, what they are made of and
what they do.

Printables, Activities and Crafts

Kid-n-Fun: Hot Air Balloons – Coloring Pages

On Coloring: Hot Air Balloons Coloring Pages – Coloring Pages

Homeschool ShareHot Air Balloon – Offers a printable PDF Unit Study based lapbook.

First School: Hot Air Balloon – Printable activities.

Martha Stewart: Papier-MacheHot Air Balloon -Craft project. Video available on the right hand side of page. Scroll down a little to find it. Video features Martha Stewart and Tori Spelling. Great recycling project!

The GuardianHot Air Balloon Mobile – This site offers instructions and templates for this project.

KIX ScienceHot Air Balloon – This experiment demonstrates how a balloon holds the gasses created by a chemical reaction.

Activity Suggestions

  • Make arrangements to take a hot air balloon ride.
  • Learn about the different balloon festivals and events that are celebrated around the world.
  • Talk to someone who has had a hot air balloon ride and ask them about their experience.
  • Talk to a hot air balloon pilot and find out what it’s like to fly one.(Check out some of the videos below. The video: Flite Test talks about the set up process.)
  • Find out how to become a hot air balloon pilot.
  • Do your own hot air experiments. (There is a video for a solar balloon below, Do Try This At Home: Full of Hot Air ) Some experiments offered below may need adult supervision.
  • If you are up to the challenge, make your own hot air balloon. (Video instructions below, How to make a hot air balloon that really flies.)
  • Try to imagine what it would be like to go up in a hot air balloon. Record your experience by writing about it, drawing it or telling it into an audio/video device. The videos below may be able to help you get an idea of what it’s like to go up in one.
  • If you have been up in a hot air balloon, describe your experience in a way that you find enjoyable. Examples: A poem, a song, a drawing, a journal entry, an audio/video recording, etc. How did it feel? Would you do it again?


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