Bottle Cap Memory

Depending on what you make, this game can be used to help identify: letters, numbers, shapes, colors and objects in addition to boosting memory skills. 
Set-up:  Save 24+ juice caps of the same color and put 24 stickers on the under-side of each bottle cap. You will need two of each sticker in order to make matches. If you do not have that many caps, use business or index cards that are blank on both sides or a blank deck of cards. (Check *Amazon or a magic shop for blank cards.)

Play: Place caps/cards, sticker side down, on the table in even rows. Take turns turning two over at a time; try to make a match. If no match is made, turn them back over and let the next player take a turn. If a match is made, the player takes the matching caps or cards and gets another turn. Count the matches made by each player. The player with the most matches wins. Start with 3-6 matches if 12 matching pairs are too many and add as many matching sets as desired.
Benefits: This fun game helps to boost memory skills and letter, number, shape, color and object identification skills depending on what stickers are used, good sportsmanship skills are also being built.
Tips and Suggestions… 
  • This game can be played alone or with two or more players.
  • Get or make upper and lower case letters to match.
  • Use a letter on one cap/card and a word that begins with that letter for the match. A letter and a picture can also be used.
  • Put the number on one cap/card and the number value on the other (5/*****)
  • If you don’t have stickers, use pictures from a magazine or a word that fits.
  • Foam stickers stick to bottle caps very well.

* I am NOT participating in any affiliate programs with Amazon or any other company.
If you search Amazon you will find other blank decks available, some larger, some with different colored backs.

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