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 Cats are fascinating creatures and they have a long history with humans!

This resource has been created for anyone who would like to learn more about cats, and contains sites with historical information, biological info, articles, recipe suggestions, craft ideas, and videos.

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Ancient Cats

LA Times: Cat fossils found in China reveal early days of feline domestication – Article about the bones of semi-domesticated cats found in trash pile. (Long)

Science DailyOldest Known Evidence Of Cat Taming Found In Cyprus – Article about discovery – long.

Feline Forever: Prehistory of Cats – Read about where archaeologists have found cat remains. (Short)

Smithsonian: A Brief History of House Cats – According to this article, cats have been with humans much longer than we once believed.

National Geographic News: House Cat Origin Traced to Middle Eastern Wildcat Ancestor – Article that talks about how scientist have identified and traced back the ‘maternal ancestors’ of house cats.

Cat Gods and Goddess
Catster6 Cat Gods and Goddesses Worshiped by Ancient Cultures – Article about other little know cat gods and goddess.

Egyptian Gods and Goddesses: Egyptian Gods: Bastet – Information about the cat godess, Bastet.

Wikipedia: Bastet – History and information about cat goddess.

Cats and Ancient Egypt

Cat Museum of San Fransisco:  Welcome to the Temple of Bastet – Article talks about some of the earlier Egyptian feline godesses including Bastet.

Egyptian Gods and Goddesses – Egyptian Gods: Bastet – Historical information about the feline goddesses, Bastet, Mafdet and Sekhmet.

Live Science: Ancient Egyptian Kitten Skeletons Hint at Cat Domestication – Article about skeletal remains of cats and kittens dating back to 3600 B.C..

Prehistoric, Big Cats & Relatives

Messy Beast: Prehistoric Cats and Cat-like Creatures – Early ancestors of cats.
National Geographic: The Evolution of Big Cats – Learn about big cats and how they evolved. This site offers an informative 4 minute video. There is an article about The Oldest Big Cat, From the Roof of the World on this site as well.

BigCats2: Extinct Big Cats – Information about some of the oldest known big cats.

Defenders of Wildlife: Florida Panther – Find out more about the Florida panther.

BigCatsWildCats: International Wild Cat Conservation Directory – List of big and small wild cats and information about each one, including their endangerment level.

Big Cat Rescue: This site has a few areas that may be of interest: Wildcat Facts, Big Cat Photos & Facts, and Big Cat Videos.

Wikipedia: Florida Panther – Description, taxonomic, diet, early life, disease, threats and more. Information about big cats that are part off felidae, a biological family of cats can be found on this site as well. Feliformia is the suborder cats are a part of, and information about the other animals that in this category can be found on this site as well.

Wikipedia: Wildcats – This site has information about wildcats, a small cat found in Africa, Europe, southwest and central Asia into India, China, and M
ongolia. This site also offers information about the African Wildcat, Chinese Mountain Cat, Jungle Cat, Sand Cat, Black-footed Cat, Manul (aka Pallas’s Cat) and the European Wildcat.

BigCatsWildCats: International Wild Cat Conservation Directory – List of big and small wild cats, information about each one and their endangerment level.

MessyBeast: Small Wild Cats Species – Site offers a list of small wild cats and a little bit of information about each one.

Cats from Around the World

Buzz Feed: 9 Rare Cats from Around the World – Photo gallery of cats from different countries.

Wikipedia: Ship’s Cats – Famous cats that traveled on ships. Plus why cats traveled on ships. Aegean Cats – One of the oldest naturally occurring breeds in the world.

U.S. Naval Institute: Cats in the Sea Service – Article about how cats were used on naval ships.

Cats, Cultures & Beliefs
Wikipedia: Maneki-Neko – Japanese figurine of a cat.

Ailurophilia.wordpress: Cats on Coins – Look at an array of coins with cats on them.

Feline Forever: History & Mythology: Ancient Egypt (with photos), Ashanti, Babylonian, Ancient Rome, Ancient Greece, Norse, Finnish

What’s Your Sign: Animal Symbolism: Meaning of the Cat – Find out what the cat symbolizes to different cultures and in general.

Cat Anatomy

WebMD Pets: Cat Coat Care: Cat Nutrition for a Healthy Coat – How to keep a cat’s coat healthy.

CCMR: Why Are Cats So Flexible – Cornell Center for Materials Research’s Ask a Scientist answers the question. 

The Daily Cat: How Do Cats Jump? – Explains why cats always seem to land on their feet.

Wikipedia: Cat Righting Reflex – Explains why cats always seem to land on their feet and offers an animation of the motion involved.

Cat Health Detective: Cat Balance – This site offers a long explanation as to why a cat can balance so well.

Pet Respiratory System: Anatomy and Function in Cats – Site briefly explains how a cats respiratory system works.

How Stuff Works: Cat Anatomy – This article talks briefly about a cats bones, paws, coat, whiskers, and eyes. This site also has more info about whiskers, purring and info about handling injured cats.

Wikipedia: Cat Anatomy – Pictures and information about cat anatomy.

About: Cats: Feline Anatomy – Parts of the cat.

College of Veterinarian Medicine: Anatomy of the Dog and Cat – Interactive diagram of a cat’s anatomy. Click on the organ you want to learn more about.

Kenyon College: Cat Anatomy Tutorial – Designed for college students, some areas of this site may be too graphic for some viewers.

Anatomy CornerVirtual Cat DissectionWARNING this site has very graphic pictures and may not be suitable for all viewers. Parental discretion is advised. This link will take you to the intro page of the dissection, to view the photos, look on the panel to the left and choose what you would like to look at.


Cat Health and Diet


Feline Forever: Cleaning Your Cat’s Teeth – Offer some suggestions for taking care of a cat’s teeth. You will also find information about diets on this site.

Pet Education – Offer a chart of what foods cats can not eat.

Web MD: People Foods Your Can Can Eat – Slideshow of choices offered.

Joy the Baker: Chewy Cat Treats for Cats Grain-Free Fish Treats for Dogs and Cats

Off Beat Home and Life: Make your own tasty treats for your cat friends

Life From Scratch: Four Leg-ed Hunter Snacks: Homemade grain free treats for dogs and cats Making Cat Food – This page offers detailed information about making your own cat food.

Vaping Around Pets – Are E-Cigs Toxic for Your Pet? – This article talks about the dangers of vaping around your pets and what can happen.

Cat Toys
Charlies Paws: 101 DIY Cat Toys That You Can Make At Home – This site offers some easy, fun and unique toys you can make for you cat.

WikiHow: 8 Ways to Make Cat Toys – Site offers pictures and written suggestions for easy to make cat toys.

World’s Best Cat Litter: The 10 Best Homemade Cat Toys – Site offers a variety of sites with cat toys you can make yourself.
Friskies: DIY Homemade Cat Toys – Site offers some ways to make things cats can play in and with. Some are very easy to make, some may be more difficult.
Scratching Posts
Martha Stewart: How to make a scratching post – Martha Stewart shows how to make a homemade scratching post in the video offered. Stewart has a series of other videos on this site that offer tips for preventing furniture scratching, other scratching posts projects, and cat-related information.

WikiHow- How to make a scratching post – Page offers pictures and instructions for making a cat scratching post.

Purina-One:  Make a DIY Scratch Post – Instructions for making a scratching post.

Paw-Rescue: Training your cat to use a scratching post – Tips for encouraging a cat to use a scratching post instead of your furniture!

Cat Breeds
Wikipedia: List of Cat Breeds – A-Z list of cat breeds includes domestic and domestic/wild hybrids. Click on a name and you will go to another Wikipedia page with information about that cat. Offers country of origin and type.
Pet Wave: Breeds – Offers A-Z list and a short profile about each type of cat. Breeder information available.
Cattime: Breeds – Offers A-Z list and a profile about each cat. – Offers a lot of information about breeding cats and cats in general.

Metal_Floss: 8 Cat Breeds with Wild Roots – Article about crossbreeding.

Miscellaneous Cat Information
The New York Times: That Cuddly Kitty Is Deadlier Than You Think – Article about how cats effect the environment.

Care2: Study Finds Cats Hunt More Critters Than Thought – Article about a study done with “KittyCams” to see what cats really do when they are let outside.

DOGO News: Need A Weather Prediction? Ask Your Cat! – Article about the things cats do that can predict the weather.
Random Facts: 99 Interesting Facts About Cats – Site offers an interesting array of cat info.

ASPCA: Cats Who Play Rough – This article can help you decide if a cat, or kitten, is playing to rough, and tips for helping overly aggressive behavior. It also gives you reasons why play is important for a kitten/cat.

The Spruce: 8 Tips to Help Cats Enjoy Car Travel – Offers advice for traveling with cats. This site also offers answers to How and Why Cats Play?

Organic Authority: The Cat’s Meow: 4 Sustainable Kitty Litter Alternatives – Article offers some alternatives to clay-based cat litter.

Wikipedia: Feral Cat – Information about domesticated cats that return to the wild.

General Information About Cats

Cats: About: Site offers advice about having cats as a pet, breeding information, having fun with them and much more.

National GeographicDomestic Cats – Brief history of cat domestication.

Alley Cat AlliesThe Natural History of Cats – Brief history of cat domestication and some info about cats traveling the world, and the invention of the cat door.

Wikipedia: Cat – General overview of cat information.

Holiday and Observances: Pet Holiday Information – Days and months that feature something to do with a cat. Includes Hug your cat day, National cat health month and more.

HowStuffWorks: Cats – Offers a little history and a few facts about cats. Check out the rest of the pages in this section to learn more about behavior, choosing a cat, basic care, issuesfeline fanatics and how cat shows work.

Animal Planet: Pets 101: Cats – A guide to cats. Includes tips, breeds, games, cat care and preparing for cats.

CatsInfo: Site offers information about cats and kitten care, historic information, quotes, facts and more. The site doesn’t look like it is being maintained any longer, but has a lot of valuable information.

Cats and People

Feline Forever: Cat Scratch Fever – What it is, how it can be prevented and identified.

Live Science: Cats Do Control Humans, Study Finds – Article that talks about a study done on a cat’s meow.

Discovery News: The Truth About Cats: They’re Good For Us – Article that talks about the benefits of having a cat for a pet.

Famous Cats
Wikipedia: Felix the Cat – First famous cat cartoon. This site also offers a-z lists of famous natural cats and fictional cats too.

Purr ‘n’ Fur: Félicette –  Learn about the first cat in space.

Cat Folktales
Some folktales may not be suitable for all audiences.
Aaron Shepard’s World of Stories:
A Tale of Japan
Messy Beast: 
Supervision my be required for some folktales on this site.
World of Tales:
South American Folktale
Chinese Folktale
American Folklore:
Audio version offered along with the written story.
University of Pittsburg:
Page offers a variety of cat and mouse folktales from different cultures.


Humane Society of the United States: Catnip: Why Cats Go Crazy For It – Article explains what catnip is, how some cats react to it, and a little about how humans can use it.
Pets: WebMD: Truth About Catnip – This site has an option where it will read the information offered and high-light the words being read. Article talks about the effects of catnip, how to use it, and tips for using and growing the fresh herb.
HowStuffWorks: How Catnip Works – This short article talks about what cats react to in catnip.
Scientific American: How does catnip work its magic on cats? –  Article talks about catnip’s uses for cats and people and how it works.
Cat World: Catnip (Nepeta cataria) – Everything You Need to Know About Catnip! –  This site offers a lot of information about catnip, including what it looks like, the different types (and what they look like), effects on cats and what the effect is like, growing and harvesting tips, and how humans can use it medicinally. 
Wikipedia: Nepeta Cataria (aka Catnip) –  Site offers information about the plant, the names it is often called by, a description and uses.
Herbs2000: Catnip – Site offers names catnip is known by, its many uses for humans, parts to use, how to use it medicinally and culinarily, side effects and more.
Cat Related Crafts and Activities

DLTK: Cats – DLTK offers coloring pages, cat crafts, puzzles that can be done online and printed, plus you will find cat rhymes here.

First School: Cats – This site offers cat themed activities for young children. Activities include: printables, craft ideas, fairy tales, coloring page, rhymes and much more.

Enchanted Learning: Cats – Cat related rhymes, crafts, and information about house and big cats. Members have access to more information.

Origami-Instructions: Origami Cat – Photo instructions for an origami cat in two parts, a head and body.

Origami Way: Orig
ami Cat Instructions and Diagram
Photo and written instructions provided.

Origami-Make: How to make origami catsSite offers two cat projects: An Easy Origami Cat and Sitting Origami Cat.

My How To Draw: How to Draw a Cat – Site offers a variety of cats in different positions to draw. Step by step instructions provided.

DragoArt: How to Draw a CatStep by step instructions show how to draw a cat lying down, sketch a cat, a realistic cat heada fun kitten and more. Search for more cats to draw on this site too!

Fran’s World of Discovery: Black Cats – Find out why some people consider black cats good luck or bad and get instructions for a balancing activity in addition to link related to black cats.


Warning: Cats have not always been respected in history. 
The following videos have information about their negative history.

Educational Resources
4H Cat Project by Washington State University – PDF format
Unit 1 How to Care for Cats
Unit 2 Origins, Breeds, etc.
Unit 3 – Anatomy and Physiology

4-H Youth Projects & Publications Cats

Safe Search: This page was created as a learning resource for my own kids so every site was considered safe when the post was developed and released. Sites can change quickly on the internet, please report any bad/broken links or videos you come across via ‘Comments‘ and I will remove and update them as quickly as possible. If you have a site to share, please leave the site suggestion in comments and I will check it out and add it to the appropriate area in the resource. Thank you in advance for your help!
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