Snowshoe Hare (Rabbit)

Snowshoe Hare, Shirleys Bay
Photo by: D. Gordon E. Robertson
National Geographic: Snowshoe Hare
Information, audio file, facts, map.
Wikipedia: Snowshoe Hare
Photos, habitat, food.
National Wildlife Federation: Snowshoe Hare
Description and facts.
BioKids: Snowshoe Hare
Kid friendly site.
University of Michigan: Museum of Zoology Version
EEK! Critter Corner: Snowshoe Hare
Information, food for thought, and how to track

 Alderleaf Wilderness College: Hare and Rabbit Tracks & Sign
An online guide.

Draw a Snowshoe Hare

We Draw Animals: Snowshoe Hare
Scroll down to the bottom of the page for drawing instructions.

Exploring Nature Educational Resources: Snowshoe Hare Tracks
Identify snowshoe hare tracks. 

Video 17:34: How to Draw the Snowshoe Rabbit from Jan Brett’s, “The Animals’ Santa” 



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