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Information About Calligraphy

History, Cultural, Types

Calligraphy: Manuscript: History of Calligraphy – Site offers historical information and writing samples.

Art of Calligraphy: PDF article about the history of calligraphy.

Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History: Chinese Calligraphy – History of Chinese calligraphy.

Wikipedia: Calligraphy – Information about the tools used, traditions, modern calligraphy and photos.

Printable Practice Papers & DYI Pen & Ink

Printable Paper: Download printable practice pages. Variety of pages offered.


eHow: Homemade India Ink & Make Calligraphy Ink From Acrylic Paint

Embelish: How To Make Your Own Colorful Calligraphy Ink

Instructables has two tutorials for making your own writing instrument.
DIY Calligraphy Pens & Make a calligraphy pen out of a bulrush (cattail) reed

Council of ElrondCalligraphy: Make Your Own Ink & Quill Pen

Regia Anglorum: Quills – This site offers a few authentic ways to make quills and ink in addition to some historical information.


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