Halloween Resources

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The Origins of Halloween

Social Studies for Kids: Halloween

Wikipedia: Samhain
Celtic Festival
History.com: Halloween
History of Halloween, short videos and articles.

The Holiday Spot: Halloween History

Ireland for Visitors: Samhain

The Origins of Trick or Treating

Brief history.

History of Trick or Treating in America and around the world.

The Holiday Spot: Trick or Treating
Origins of trick or treating.

National Confectioners Association: Trick-or-Treat Tidbits
Halloween and candy facts.


Food Time Line: Halloween
Halloween history and Halloween relate foods.
Interesting information, facts, and info about Halloween and candy.

Activities Arts, crafts, Puzzles

Martha Stewart: Halloween
Great Halloween craft ideas.

Disney Family: Halloween

DLTK: Halloween
Coloring pages, costume ideas, crafts, games, puzzles, songs, and more.

Enchanted Learning: Halloween
The site provide quite a few craft ideas.
Artist Helping Children: Halloween Crafts for Kids
Site provides links to a lot of Halloween related activities.

Funschooling & Recreational Learning:  Halloween Activities
More then 30 activities can be found on this site.

Curriculum and Lesson Plans

A curriculum written with young children in mind.
Links to other sites with Halloween related math activities.

Still Learning Something New: Monsters
Links for monster related things.
Misc Activities & Videos

Still Learning Something New: Salem W
itch Trials

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