A World To Discover November Volume 1

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Native American Resources Picture writing, gardening, crafts, games, puzzles, stories, myths and legends and much more.

Wild Turkey – General information, anatomy info, and videos.

Pictograms –  Information about pictographs, the symbols used, and examples. Links and videos. 

Martha Stewart: Yo-Yo Toy– Video showing how to make a yo-yo.
eHow – Yo-Yo Toy – How to make a button yo-yo.

Mad – Libs

Mad Takes – 188 Free Online Mad Libs 
It’s A Fun World – Play with nouns, verbs, adjectives, and verbs online.


Maze Guys: Dominoes – Site has a lot of information about dominoes, including how to make your own set, records, tip and tricks and more.

Domino-Play – Site offers tips for set up, types of dominoes, history and more.
OhOh – DIY Graphic Domino Game For Kids – Instructions for making your own set of wooden dominoes.

Holiday Mail For Heroes – Get in touch with your local Red Cross chapter to find out how you can send cards and thank you notes to our troops.

Seasonal Foods

Sweet Potato Resources – Nutrition facts, educational info, and recipes.

Corn – Corn Delicious corn bread recipe, how to make homemade butter, corn activity and links to other corn resources.

Popcorn Project – Resources and activities that include popped and unpopped corn kernels.

Pumpkin – Information about pumpkins and squash, recipe instructions for “Original Pumpkin Pie” aka pumpkin pie cooked right in its own pie shell with a modern twist.

Beans – Bean soup recipe, bean science projects, links to other bean resources.

Cabbage – Cabbage experiment suggestions, recipe for homemade coleslaw, links to cabbage information.

Apple Research Project – Facts, leading questions, Information, videos, recipes, and links to other resources.

Apple Research Resource – Apple resources including links to lesson plans, history, nutritional info, health info, activities, science experiments, and recipes.

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