Charles Dickens

Celebrate the life of Charles Dickens by learning about him, listening to and/or reading his stories, and living as he would during his time period.


Biography: Charles Dickens – Offers a 45 minute video and written information about Dickens.

BBC: Charles Dickens – Information about Dickens’ life.

A Christmas Carol & Other Writings

Planet PDF: A Christmas Carol – Printer friendly version.

Librivox:  A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens other versions can be found here. His other writings can be heard here.

The Literature NetworkCharles Dickens – Read Dickens’ literary works on line or download them.

Charles – Complete works all in one place.

Charles Dickens Coloring Pages, Printables, & More
Grandma’s Graphics: A Christmas Carol Images – Download as a Word or PDF file. These are great for illustrating your own version of A Christmas Carol or for creating your own book.

Charles Dickens Coloring Pages – Printables



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