Defenders: Sharks: Basic Facts – Basic facts, dietary information, population, behavior, protection status, and more.

WikipediaSharks – Etymology, evolution, anatomy, physiology, senses, history and more.

USA Today: Article: Virtual reality gives stunning 350-degree view of great white sharks – Information about the company that did the project video.

Shark This site offers a lot of great information about sharks including: Types of Sharks, shark anatomy, history of sharks, facts & FAQ’s, and a shark blog.

National Geographic: Sharks – Page offers information about sharks, including informative videos, and an online puzzle.

Shark Friends: Swimming – Facts about the way sharks swim, including why they can not swim backward.

Shark SaversShark’s Teeth – How many teeth does a shark have in a lifetime?

Prehistoric Wildlife: Top 10 Prehistoric Sharks – Find out some information about prehistoric sharks.

Kidzone: Sharks – Shark activities, facts and pictures.

Enchanted Learning: All About Sharks – Includes: Size, anatomy, varieties, skeleton, teeth, diet and more.

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