Don’t Let A Great Site Slip Away!

You’ve come across a great site that you want to spend some time looking through, but as luck would have it, you don’t have time to check it out as fully as you’d like right then and there.

Here are some ways you can quickly hold on to the little informational treasures you find, so they can be enjoyed later on:
  • Bookmark the page in a file folder made especially for that topic.
  • Email or text it to yourself.
  • Put it in your blogroll or start a blog post with the URL.
  • Pin it to your Pinterest page. (You can make private boards too!)
  • Share it on social media.
  • Copy the URL and make a memo out of it.
  • Save the information so you can read it offline.
When you’re researching a topic you’re really interested in, it’s good idea to save the sites you find useful because you may not be able to find them again later on if you delete your history often.
Do you have another solution for saving useful sites? Please share it!

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