Make A Flag!

June 14th is Flag Day – A day selected to celebrate the American flag.

If you would like to celebrate Flag Day by making and learning about the American flag, I have a post that has a lot of information here. In it you will find information and facts about the American flag, and an easy to make craft.

You may also want to make a flag of your own that represents you and/or your family. So grab some craft and drawing supplies and get creative!

  • Choose your favorite colors or use the colors that represent you best. 
  • Choose an icon, symbol, animal, object, etc. that represents you, or your family best, and add that to your flag as well.
  • Consider making it an interesting shape.
  • Consider making your flag first, then find out what each symbol and color means.

Learn the meanings of the colors and symbols you’ve chosen or get inspired:

Meanings of Colors: A long list of color meanings.

Kids World Travel GuideFlag Colors: Find out the meaningsof flags from other countries.

Universe of Symbols – Find out the meaning of a variety of things such as: Animals, flowers, totems, colors crystals and more.

What’s Your Sign – Has meanings for a wide variety of things as well.

The symbols and colors in my flag represent:

Lightning Bolt – Creativity
Stars – Dreams
Red – Determination
White – Light
Blue – Confidence
Yellow – Energy

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