Hot Dogs

Hot Dog

July is National Hot Dog month!

You’ll find an assortment of hot dog activities ranging from fun facts, to coloring pages, puzzles, and more below.

Hot dogs are made a variety of ways these days to satisfy many different diet choices and needs, and are versatile enough to be cooked a lot of different ways. One fun way to cook a hot dog is to put it in a homemade solar oven.

The National Hot Dog and Sausage Council has a website for you to explore, and a free, downloadable brochure called, “Hot Dog Facts, Figures and Folklore that you may enjoy reading online.

Holiday Hot Spot has a special Hot Dog page filled with information about hot dogs, recipes, quizzes, and activities.

If you like to color, the Twisty Noodle has a hot dog coloring page you can print out. Super Coloring has a hot dog with toppings to print and color as well.

While you’re waiting for your hot dog to cook, do a word find or two.
Free Word Searches has a National Hot Dog Month word search you can do online or print. Free Holiday Word Search has a Pdf version you can print too.

Play Cool Math Games’: Papa’s Hot Doggeria. In this game you need to fulfill orders to gain points. The better the order looks, the more points you get. Requires Flash Player.

Have you ever mummified a hot dog? Science Buddies has instructions for a hot dog mummification experiment that you may find interesting.

Ever wonder how hot dogs are made? Watch the video below to find out!

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