Make Your Own What’s Missing Picture

Play this game inside or out. Here’s what you’ll need to make the picture or play the game…

A camera and 10-20 different items

Optional: Paper, something to draw with, and stickers.

Camera Version: Put your items on a table or in the grass and take a picture. Remove one or two items and take another picture. Give the pictures to someone and ask them to tell you what’s missing. Take a variety of pictures to make multiple puzzles for people to solve. Remove 5+ items to make it more challenging. Items can be moved around as well.

Picture/Sticker Version: Draw a picture then draw the same picture and add to it or take things away. Incorporate stickers into your picture.

Multiplayer Version: If you have multiple players, gather up a bunch of items, then have one player lay them out any way they like. Give the other players 30-60 seconds to see what’s there and how they are displayed, then ask the players to turn around.
The person who set up the table can take an item and hide it or move it. Ask the other players to turn around and take turns saying what’s missing or different.

Start with one item and move on to more. The player who guesses correctly
should be able to take a turn removing/moving items.

Tip: Consider taking a picture of the items before anything is moved.

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