Last One Standing

Nim is a strategy game that can be played with 5 to any number of
objects and there are two ways to play this version.

The last object chosen can be the winning or losing piece, it is up to players to decide before the game begins.

  • Start with any 5 items then add more playing pieces: Small candy or cereal pieces, straws, toothpicks, recycled bottles, seashells, rocks, pennies, playing chips, etc.
  • Decide if the last item will win or lose the game.
  • Decide up to how many objects can be chosen during the player’s turn. At least one item must be taken. 
  • The player who takes the last game piece will either win or lose the game.
Here’s an example of a game that is played with 5 pieces where the winner takes the last piece and up to 2 pieces can be taken during a turn.
Player 1: Takes 1 object.
Player 2: Takes 2 objects.
Player 1: Takes 2 objects to win the game.
Tips, Examples, and Resources…
  • If you start with 10 objects, have players take between 1 and 4 objects during their turn. As you play with more objects, increase or decrease the amount allotted to make the game more challenging.
  • Play with a 100 objects or more.
  • Play with multiple players.
  • Wikipedia: Nim– Learn about this centuries old strategy game, and find some other ways to play different versions of it.
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