Pizza Project

Pizza History: Timelines, articles, & videos:
Bella Napoli: History of Pizza A Slice of History: Pizza Through the Ages
Life In Italy: History of Pizza
Wikipedia: History of Pizza

Cooking and Growing Pizza:

Make your own pita pizza.
How to grow a Pizza Garden.
Fun and Games:
Pizza Game – Pin the Toppings on the Pizza
Cut out 3 large circles from poster board or construction paper, each an inch or two smaller than the other; make the largest brown (crust), the next red (sauce), and the smallest white (cheese). Glue them together.
Cut out pizza toppings from a magazine or store flyer, put removable glue on the back of each piece and store them on waxed paper until you are ready to use them.
How to Play
Have the player remove a topping from the waxed paper and put on a blindfold. Spin them around a few times and head them in the direction of the pizza. Have them stick the topping to the pizza.
Tip: Play this game while waiting for pita pizzas to cook up or for the delivery person.
Pizza Activity – Dough Throwing
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