A World To Discover November Volume 2

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Unless otherwise noted, each link will take you to a post on Fran’s World of Discovery.

Sherlock Holmes Resource Page – Resources include: Information about Sherlock Holmes, Sir Conan Doyle, and videos about Sherlock Holmes and movies.

Tim’s Printable Pages: Triangles – Printable pages that include triangles. (Off site)

Shadow Puppets – How to make shadow puppets with your hands or from paper. Also, make your own shadow puppet theatre. Video tutorials and examples.

Archery – Information about archery, including: The history of archery, tricks, and how to make your own equipment.

Polyhedrons – Resources include: What is a polyhedron, projects, printable activities, and videos.

Wild Turkeys -Information about wild turkeys, turkey craft project, writing activity and research question.

Cornucopia – Information about the cornucopia, and coloring and activity pages.

Days & Events

November 1 – Vinegar Day – 5 Fun Vinegar Experiments

Election Day – The 1st Tuesday in November after the first Monday of the month.

November 15 – Steve Irwin Day (off site)

November 21 – Gingerbread Cookie Day (off site)

Thanksgiving – The 4th Thursday of the month.

November 27 – Native American Heritage Day (The day after Thanksgiving.)

Seasonal Foods

Sweet Potato Resources – Nutrition facts, educational info, and recipes.

Corn – Corn Delicious corn bread recipe, how to make homemade butter, corn activity and links to other corn resources.

Popcorn Project – Resources and activities that include popped and unpopped corn kernels.

Pumpkin – Information about pumpkins and squash, recipe instructions for “Original Pumpkin Pie” aka pumpkin pie cooked right in its own pie shell with a modern twist.

Beans – Bean soup recipe, bean science projects, links to other bean resources.

Cabbage – Cabbage experiment suggestions, recipe for homemade coleslaw, links to cabbage information.

Apple Research Project – Facts, leading questions, Information, videos, recipes, and links to other resources.

Apple Research Resource – Apple resources including links to lesson plans, history, nutritional info, hea
lth info, activities, science experiments, and recipes.

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