A World To Discover: December Volume 2

Deer – Resources include: Sites and videos about deer, and how to draw them. Deer activity pages too.

‘Twas The Night Before Christmas – Resources include: Links to the poem, information about it, and activities that related to this classic poem.

Pine Trees – Things you can do with pine cones, needles, bark, and resin. Videos and links.

Christmas Stockings – Resources Include: Links to explain the legend of the Christmas stocking and videos about the history of the Christmas stocking.

Candy Canes – Resources include: Links to candy cane history and legend. Videos include the history of candy canes, how they are made and how to make them yourself.

Holiday Songs – Traditional Christmas Songs Playlist 2016 & Ultimate Christmas Songs Playlist – YouTube playlists of popular Christmas songs. (Off site)

Days and Events


More fun activities can be found in the December Activities post!

Seasonal Foods
Oranges: General and nutritional information, diseases, educational resources, ideas for orange peels and videos.
Pumpkin – Information about pumpkins and squash, recipe instructions for “Original Pumpkin Pie” aka pumpkin pie cooked right in its own pie shell with a modern twist.
Beans – Bean soup recipe, bean science projects, links to other bean resources.
Cabbage – Cabbage experiment suggestions, recipe for homemade coleslaw, links to cabbage information.

Apple Research Project – Facts, leading questions, Information, videos, recipes, and links to other resources.

Apple Research Resource – Apple resources including links to lesson plans, history, nutritional info, health info, activities, science experiments, and recipes.

Sweet Potato Resources – Nutrition facts, educational info, and recipes.

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