Heart Activities

Make an origami heart:

A variety of origami hearts can be found here including 3-D hearts and flat hearts.

WikiHow has illustrated video instructions on how to make a flat origami heart.

Learn how to make an origami heart with this YouTube video or a heart shaped box with this one.

Tip: Some of the flat origami hearts will allow you to slip a little message inside.

Heart related activities:

Enchanted Learning has a bunch of Valentine’s Day activities with hearts here. You will find: Cards, wreaths, mobiles, chains and more.

What kind of animals can be made with hearts? Check out on DLTK’s Heart Animal Paper Craft where you will find ways to make: Dogs, elephants, cats, fish, frogs and more from hearts. This site has printable templates.

Heart related activities can be found here on FranW.com such as: Pin prick cards, cut out hearts, decorated hearts and more.

Learn how to make a heart with a twist balloon! The YouTube video provided will show you how.

Wikipedia: Heart (symbol)

History: What is the origin of the heart symbol?

YouTube: Hearts Playlist – Heart related craft ideas with instructions.

Related activities on FranW.com:

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