Play In The Sand

Build A Sand Structure

Sandstorm: How To Build A Sand Sculpture – Information about what it takes to build with sand.

Sandscapes: The Complete Sand Sculpture – “How-To” and Construction Manual.

Personal Zen Garden

wikiHow To Make A Zen Garden for your Desk – Illustrated instructions show you how to make your own Zen Garden.

All Free Crafts: Miniature Zen Garden – Instructions to make a small Zen garden and some of the health benefits.

Make A Sand Pool

Premeditated Leftovers – Frugal Fun Tip: Turn a Kiddie Pool into a Sand Box with a Cover

Playtivities: 17 Creative DIY Sandbox Ideas – Site offers a variety of sandbox designs and themes.

What is Sand?

LiveScience: What Is Sand? & Science of Summer: Where Does Beach Sand Come From? – Articles about what sand is made up of.


YouTube: Sand Playlist – Learn about sand, make a Zen garden, and learn how to sculpt sand. Here’s one of the videos you can view in the playlist…

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