Lewis Howard Latimer

Biography: Lewis Howard Latimer A short article that talks about Latimer’s life and accomplishments.

Wikipedia: Lewis Howard Latimer – Offers a short biography about Latimer’s life, inventions, and lists his patents.

Scholastic: Teacher’s Activity Guide – Lewis Howard Latimer – Offers a very short biography about his background and inventions.

Exploratorium: Science Snack – 
Physics/Electricity & Magnetism – Site offers a variety of experiments including: Aluminum-Air Battery, Charge and Carry, Circles of Magnetism and others.

Teacher Vision: Coloring Book of Famous African Americans – Page 11 of this pdf has a coloring page of Lewis Howard Latimer.

YouTube: Lewis Howard Latimer Playlist – Includes a few short videos about Latimer’s life and accomplishments. Here’s one of the videos in the list.

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