Meteorology Resources

Wikipedia: Meteorology – History of the topic, meteorologists, equipment, spatial scales and more.

Environmental Science: What is a Meteorologist? – Find out what meteorologist do, types of meteorologists, where they work, their salary by state, requirements, what they study, and more.

Nat Geo: Meteorology – Facts, info about meteorology, Scales of meteorology, history of meteorologists, and meteorology today.

Scholastic: Meteorology – Explains what meteorology is, scope, and development of modern meteorology.

Weather Wiz Kids: A weather site designed to help kids understand weather. Includes information and experiments.

Weather for Kids: Types of weather. Click on a picture and learn about that topic.

Easy Science for Kids: Being a Weather Forecaster – Info about being a weather forecaster, fun facts about the occupation, and other info.

National Weather Service: Weather Science content for Kids and Teens – Summer Weather camps, Jetstream: The National Weather Services Online School for Weather, Severe storms laboratory, and others. What is Meteorology? Definitions, History, and Facts.

Funschooling & Recreational Learning: Cloud Resource Page, Tracking Hurricanes, Autumn/Fall, & Snowflake Science

YouTube: Meteorology Playlist – What is meteorology, what can you do with a degree in meteorology, predicting weather and more!
Here’s one of the videos you can find in the list…

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