Funschooling Geography

When you make learning fun, a whole new world of possibilities open up and things become much more interesting!
A subject like geography can be very hands-on and one-on-one experiences are really easy to accomplish. 
We find it fun to explore and discover our world in hands-on or experienced-based ways by visiting various places around us and on line. 

Here are some of the places we like to visit so we can learn more about them first hand:

Beaches, Intracoastal areas, estuaries, parks, preserves, historical places and monuments, historical areas around us, old trees, old streets, native American reservations, fresh water lakes, ship yards, different states, different counties, natural events or occurrences, wooded areas, forests, National parks, playgrounds, our yard, our neighborhood, man-made ponds, orchards, groves, zoo, fire stations, police stations, planetariums, science centers, museums, aquariums, recycling centers, farms, cultural centers, farmer’s market, fish hatcheries, a pumpkin patch, space centers, air museums, pioneer settlements, preserves, etc..

Here are resource pages for some of the things we’ve covered that would be recorded under Geography:

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AmericaHawaii – Mayflower – Maryland

The World: Ireland – Ancient Greece – Great Fire of London – Castle Resources

Animals: Click to link up to animal related posts on this blog.

Foods: Cranberries Apples – Chocolate – French Fries – Pizza – Oranges – Sweet Potatoes – Peanuts – Tomatoes – Beans – Popcorn – Corn Dog – Marshmallows – Strawberries – Cabbage – Pumpkins

Misc..: Volcanoes – Lighthouses – Chinese New Year – Rocks & Minerals – Outdoor Charades – Mummies & Mummification – Pine Trees – Leaf Hunting – Visit A Public Garden

Weather: Snowflakes – Clouds – Hurricanes – Meteorology – Sun Experiments

Seasons: Summer – Autumn/Fall – Winter – Spring – When To Plant

What is geography?

If you are open to the idea of designing your own one-of-a-kind study, then knowing how to record a topic may be important to you, especially if you need to document what’s been learned for evaluations or record keeping purposes. 
In short, Geography is the study of the Earth’s physical features, how people affect the Earth, and how people are affected by the Earth. This includes but is not limited to:

Mountains, volcanoes, earthquakes, storms, climate, temperature, rivers, deserts, bodies of water, land formations, seasons, latitude, longitude, cities, buildings, digging, clearing forests, mapping, countries, anima
ls, gardening, foods, rocks and minerals, etc..

Wikipedia has an Outline of Geography if you would like to gain a better understanding of the vastness of the subject.

Online Games & Resources

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World Geography
Cool Math: Geography Games

Sheppard Software: Geography Games
50 50 States Travel Information Learn Geography While Having Fun Geography

Geography activities that are hands-on and crafty.

National Geographic: Fun Geography & Activities

Geography 4 Kids: Quizzes, Panoramas, Live Cameras and Real-Time Monitors, and links to other fun things. 

Enchanted Learning: Geography Activities
Some of these activities may require a membership to print.

Mr. World Geography for Kids
From the site: The Mr. Nussbaum world geography section features numerous interactive maps, activities and games, videos, research information, printables, and much more.

Mr. Donn: Geography
Geography, Lesson Plans, Games, Presentations

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