What is Recreational Mathematics?

The really short answer? Its about learning and exploring mathematics via math related games, riddles, and puzzles….but the activities could have you going for hours, days, weeks, or longer!

Wikipedia: Recreational Mathematics – Explains what recreational mathematics is.

Scientific American: A Quarter-Century of Recreational Mathematics – PDF Article written by Martin Gardener about 25 years of amusing puzzles and serious discoveries.

Article by Charles W. Trigg: What is Recreational Mathematics? This a PDF file. This article was written in Mathematics Magazine Vol. 51, No. 1 (Jan., 1978), pp. 18 -21

MathOverflow: Recreational mathematics: where to search? – MathOverflow is a Q & A site for professional mathematicians. This question came up and offers a few responses. 

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Check your local book store and online book stores for books that contain math related games, riddles, and puzzles.

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Here’s a video about recreational mathematics…

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