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Are you looking for some great family friendly activities you can to do this week? Then you’ve come to the right place!

 Be sure to scroll all the way down to the Special Days section where you’ll find a fun activity you can do each day of the week. 

Solar Experiments

Last week I suggested that you cook your lunch outdoors using the power of the sun. This week, you can do some other experiments that use the sun’s energy in some interesting ways.

For these activities, you will need: A sunny day, dark construction paper, some heat proof items, a couple of tea bags, a glass jar, some old crayons, aluminum foil, XX-large plastic garbage bags (Leaf bags), and rubber bands. Optional: String. 

I hope something in this post makes you smile!

Homeschool Humor

Still Learning Something NewHomeschool Humor

Here’s a peek at what you’ll find.

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Funschooling Videos

The first three inspiring videos encourage players to do some tricks with dice and a cup, and the fourth will having you looking at math in a fun new way.

Dice Stacking Tricks

Learn How To Stack Dice

Dice Stacking Trick Shots

Dice Stacking World Records! 
Ft. That’s Amazing

Maths Puzz
les – Cool Math Riddles – 
Can You Solve – Math Brain Teaser – Number Puzzles

Special Days & Holidays

Betty Jo, of Still Learning Something New, has posted an updated version of the July 2018 Special Days Calendar. It has a long list of famous birthdays, historical events, interesting days, monthly event and food themes, and more.

Here are a few of the things on her list and some helpful activities and links:

Did you know that July encourages you to get Wild About Wildlife? Plan your own animal study with the tips in this post!

July 15: Zoo Keeper Week Begins – Choose an animal to learn about this week. 

July 16: 
Explorer Roald Amundsen born 1872 – Learn about this interesting man. When you get to the site, you can read the page yourself or listen to it by scrolling down to the “Activities” section, then click on ‘Listen to a recorded reading of this page‘. 

July 17: World Emoji Day – 
Have a little fun with emojis by creating a message with them and give it to someone to decipher. You can make up a letter code to solve with them and give it to someone to solve as well.

July 18: Astronaut John Glenn born 1921 – Visit NASA to learn more about one of the first men to orbit the earth. You can watch this documentary too. 

July 19: Physicist/Astronomer Edward Charles Pickering born 1846 – Learn about Pickering and observe the night sky. You can download a free sky-map here.

🌑🌕July 20: 1st Moon Landing/Walk 1969 – Learn about the phases of the moon and visit NASA for more information about this event.

July 21: Monkey Day Watch a documentary about the famous Scopes Monkey Trial. The trial was decided on this day in 1925. 

Finish up the week with a trip to the zoo to visit the wildlife you may have learned about.

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