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I’m offering more great family-friendly activities that will help make your week a little more fun. This week’s activities include a lot of balloon related resources. This very inexpensive item can be turned into an awesome learning tool!

Be sure to scroll all the way down to the Special Days section where you’ll find a fun activity to do or an interesting topic to learn about each day of the week.

Pop & Play Dart Game

Have you ever played the dart and balloon game at a carnival? This game has been inspired by that game…and of course I offer a creative twist to keep the fun going a bit longer after all the balloons have been popped.

For this activity you will need: A large thick piece of cardboard, paint, paint brush, darts, staple gun, staples, and water balloons

For the twist: Paper and pen.

I hope something in this post makes you smile!

Homeschool Humor

Still Learning Something New: Homeschool Humor
Here’s a peek at what you’ll find…

Funschooling Videos


Balloons are not only great at making a party more fun, they are an awesome learning tool! Below, you will find 3 videos that show how useful and versatile balloons can be and a few educational activities. The last video features 6 optical illusions you can learn how to

21 Cool Hacks with Balloons

Balloon Rocket Science Experiment

Amazing Balloon Tricks and Science Experiments

6 Optical Illusion Drawing Techniques & Patterns

🎈Balloon Resources🎈

Information about balloons and instructions for the game Balloon Badminton.
Water balloon games, science projects, and information.

Special Days & Holidays Aug 26-Sept 1

One of August’s food themes is Coffee. Find out more about this tasty little bean. Watch a short informational video: The Journey of the Coffee Bean I #TheCoopWay

🐶August 26Dog Day – Show your dog how much you love them by making them a homemade treat. Other pet treats can be found in the link offered. 
Watch the documentary:  Dogs: Big and Small (Documentary).

August 271st Tarzan story published 1912 – Read the classic story on line, or download a copy to enjoy. Watch the classic version of Tarzan too: New Adventures of Tarzan (1935) – full movie
August 28Dream Day – Still Learning Something New offers Teaching Resources for Martin Luther King Day. Resources include: Background information about the holiday, a quiz, historic site info, civil rights timeline, and more.

August 29According to Hoyle Day –  Learn about Edmond Hoyle – Wikipedia offers a short biography about the man who wrote the rules down for many of the well known card games we play today. Play some of the card games he wrote the rules for!

August 30Toasted Marshmallow Day – Find out how marshmallows were made, make a batch of your own, then use them to create a new twist on s’mores.

Frankenstein Day  (Author Mary Shelly born 1797)Learn about Mary Shelley, and use the links to read her literary works, including her most well known novel, Frankenstein .

🎞August 31Kinetoscope patented 1887 – Learn about the Kinetoscope and take some time to watch a few of the early films created with it: YouTube: Kinetoscope Playlist

September 1Self-University Week begins – Commit to lifelong learning! Learn more about this day by clicking on the link provided.

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