Bushnell’s Turtle (Submersible)

Naval History and Heritage Command: The Submarine Turtle – Naval Documents of the Revolutionary War – site offers historical information.

David Bushnell and his Revolutionary Submarine –  Historical and technological info about this interesting machine.Turtle DiagHistory.com: World’s first submarine attack  – Offers background history about its mission.

Wikipedia: Turtle (submersible) – Site offers a longer article about this machine including its history, development, preparation for use, the attack on Eagle, the aftermath, replicas, and more.

Fun Stuff To Do

Draw or make your own version of the turtle.
You will find a craft project and a coloring page below.

How to make a model of The Turtle Submarine – This is a fun science project.

Yes Coloring: Turtle – Print to color.

Informative Videos

Meet the First Submarine Used in Combat

Liberty’s Kids 113 – The Turtle

The Turtle: World’s First Submarine Used in Combat

National History Day 2010 Finalist Senior Group Documentary – David Bushnell’s Turtle Submarine

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