Table-Top Fun

Many of the items we throw away everyday can be used to make fun learning activities. The following challenges are not only meant to be fun to play, they offer a simple lesson on how force works. The challenges offered below show how easy it is to connect math and science together, and how to add a writing element to an activity.

The first challenge is simply to learn how much force is needed to get a cap from one place to another and to measure the results.

The second helps to set goals and adds an extra math element via a score system.

The third challenge offers an element of creativity and a chance to use problem solving skills.

The fourth challenge offers players a chance to think of a creative way to use the items offered.

Skills that can be learned via the activities above:

Science Skills = Experimentation, Physics, Force, Distance

Math Skills = Measurements, Comparing, Guessing/Estimation, Time

Language Skills = Writing /Drawing

Also – Thinking Skills, Deductive Reasoning, Problem Solving, Fun, Creative Thinking Skills

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