DIY Harvest 9 Tile (Scramble Square) Puzzle

Have you ever done a Scramble Square puzzle? If you have not, it is a 9 piece tile puzzle that looks easy enough, but can take a good long while to solve it.

You can do a quick search using the term: Scramble Square Puzzle and look at the images that come up.

I hope the images inspired you to make your own.

Here are some suggestions if you would like to make one.

You will need a grid with 9 equal squares. You can print the follow image or make your own. Print on thick paper or make it from cardboard. You can right mouse button click to save the gird and print it out.

You will also need to draw, use similar stickers, stamps, or stencils for your images and whatever craft supplies you think you’ll need. Once you have your puzzle the way you want it, cut it out, try it out, and store it in a zip-top bag. Give it to someone to try too.

Consider making another one, more difficult to solve.

Wrapping paper may also be used to make an interesting or themed puzzle.

You can also use a computer with a drawing or publishing program to make this puzzle. Start with a 3×3 table.

Pixabay – Offers free graphics you can download to make your puzzle. (Caution is advised when downloading from the internet.)

If you would like to use a harvest theme, think of some seasonal items, and write them down.

This particular puzzle is challenging because of its sameness and false matches. Being able to use the same items, colors, and picture combinations over and over makes the puzzle more interesting.

Here’s an example of one I made using a publishing program and graphics I found on Pixabay*. You can print it out and give it try if you like. Right mouse button click to save. If you print this out on plain copy paper, consider using stick glue to adhere it to piece of cardboard or cardstock. Allow it to dry before cutting it.

I hope you find it fun to do.

*I have no affiliation to Pixabay or any other product or company.

Scramble Square is a trade marked name. Here is the product site: Scramble Squares if you would like to learn more about the product that inspired this post.

Thank you for stopping by!

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