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Belgium Pretzels

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Pretzel Taste Test

There are many different types, shapes, and flavors of pretzels on the market today. This includes soft pretzels, hard, and everything in between. If you like pretzels, purchase a variety of them, and compare one brand to another. Talk about your likes and dislikes with a friend or family member, and encourage them to talk about their opinion as well.

Alternately: Purchase any type of your favorite plain pretzels and make and try them with a favorite topping. For example:

Soft: Cheese sauce, cinnamon sugar, jalapenos and cheese, various mustards, chocolate, butter, Parmesan cheese, and herbs (before baking), chopped almonds, sugar and butter (before baking)…..and so many others.

Hard: Dips are wonderful for this type of pretzel. Choose your favorite base and search for some ways to jazz it up or make something up. Write down your favorites.

Pretzel Snack Idea

Melt cheese over pretzels and top them with diced jalapenos and/or bacon pieces or spread a little melted butter on pretzels and sprinkle them with cinnamon sugar and bake on 350° (preheated oven) for a minute or two or until cheese melts. When they cool a bit, enjoy and tweak.


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