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Research Challenge

How are fingerprints formed?

How many different types of fingerprints are there?

What purpose do fingerprints have and how are they used in modern times?

Who was the first to suggest using fingerprints to solve a crime?

When were fingerprints first used to solve a crime? What crime was committed?

Fingerprint Activities & Ideas

Fingerprint Maze

After printing your fingerprint, use it to inspire a homemade maze with a similar pattern.

Fingerprint Identification & Dusting

Learn how to lift a fingerprint off items and identify who the print belongs to in the household.

The video below shows how the pros lift fingerprints.

Spy for Kids offers some fun ways to make a kid-friendly, DIY spy kit, including a fingerprint kit.

Fingerprint Word Scramble

Online Puzzle

Online Puzzle: Summer Smiles – Make a puzzle to give to someone to solve.


Viewer Warning: The video link offered below has a really good history of fingerprints, but has a crude word between the 7:02-7:05 mark. Viewer discretion is advised.

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