Wind, How Is It Measured?

Use the following questions to help research wind, then use the experiment suggestions below to do some measuring and observing of your own.

What is wind?

Where does it come from?

How is wind measured?

What types of winds are there?

Where can they be found?

What effects wind?

Why is wind measured?

What tools are used to measure wind speed and direction?

Wind Experiments

Keep track of dangerous/severe wind events that happen around the world and how they effect the people and areas: Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Wind Chills, Gales, Squalls, etc..

Measure wind with your own:

Anemometer, barometer, weather vane, or windsock

What is in the wind? Find out by making a wind trap.

Observe the sound of wind for yourself.

Observe wind and its effects. Go outdoors to observe and then watch from a window. How are animals and plants effected? How are you effected? Compare your experiences.

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