Water Balloon Running Bases 

For a fun water game version you will need:

50+ Half-filled water balloons, 2 buckets with water, hula hoops or something to make a base out of (two trees, chalk squares, baseball bases, street cones, spray paint, etc.), and 3 or more players

Tip: Less water can make the water balloons more sturdy.

Alternately, 5-10 splash balls can be used instead of water balloons. Keep them in the water when not in play.

Water-less version:

A small soft ball such as a playground ball, or a tennis ball, something to make bases with, at least 3 or more players

This is a “Monkey In The Middle” type game where two players throw a balloon or a ball back and forth. But instead of the ‘Monkey’ trying to get the object being thrown, they run between the bases and try to avoid being tagged or hit with the object being tossed.


Place the bases 20-40 feet apart, depending on how many players you have. This is a great game for groups or a large party.

Put a bucket of water at each base and place the half-filled balloons or splash balls into the water.

Decide who will catch.

How to play:

Catchers: Throw the balloon/ball back and forth to each other, but instead of keeping the balloon/ball from the runners, they can hit or tag the runners with what is being tossed back and forth. As the runners are running from base to base. Catchers must stay on their base unless they have to chase a wild ball. They can not chase a runner to tag or hit them.

*Players should decide if runners will be tagged or hit with the item being thrown before starting the game.)

Runners: Run from base to base without getting hit or tagged. If a runner catches the item being thrown, they can keep playing, if they get hit or tagged by the object, they will need to sit out the rest of the round. The last runner becomes a catcher.

More players make this game much more fun.

Start the game: Runners can stand between the two bases while the catchers toss the balloon/ball back and forth 2 or 3 times. On the last throw, all the runners must run to any base for safety. Runners can stay on or behind the base for 1 or 2 throws but then they must run after that. If a player doesn’t run, they will need to sit out the rest of the round or another consequence chosen by the players before the game begins.

Ending the game: The last runner wins the game and can choose to be a catcher if they want  to.

Players should decide the rules before the game begins.

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