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12 Fun Ways To Learn In The Park

Explore the trails. As you walk through the trails, look around at the wildlife and plants, and try to identify as many as you can. You may find the free app Shazam for Nature helpful for identifying local plant life. Bring a pocket microscope or a magnifying glass along with […]

Pine Trees

Pine Cones Birds and Blooms: Make Color-Changing Pine Cones for your fireplace.Homeschool Ideas: Homeschool Science: Colored Pine ConesBackyardParent: Pine Cone Bird FeederCrafty Morning: Pine Cone Crafts for Kids Pine Needles Doodles & Jots: Turn a bunch of pine needles into a paint brush.Native Tech: Pine Needle TeaHome Talk: Homemade Pine Needle Facial Toner & […]

Orange Resources

General & Nutritional Information Wikipedia: Orange (Fruit) – General information about oranges, including cultivation. World’s Healthier Foods: Oranges – General health information.Nutrition and You: Orange – Fruit – Health benefits.Purdue University: Orange – Growing and technical information.LiveScience: Oranges Nutrition Facts – Health benefits, risks and nutrition info.Sunkist Oranges – Types of oranges.Visual Merriam Webster: Fleshy Fruit Citrus Fruit – Labeled Diagram […]

Snowman Activities

Snowman by Becka V. SNOWMAN LANGUAGE SKILLSClassroom Jr.: Snowman Mad Libs – Printable activity.Super Word Search Puzzles: Frosty The Snowman – printable word search. SNOWMAN HISTORY Wikipedia: Snowman – History of the snowman. SNOWMAN ACTIVITIES FOR YOUNG CHILDREN First School: Snow and Snowman ActivitiesSNOWMAN CRAFTSAbout: Family Crafts: Snow People ProjectsDLTK: Snowman CraftsEnchanted Learning: Snowman CraftsAbout: Pop Bottle […]

Snowflake Activities and Resources

Snowflake Activities by Fran W SNOWFLAKE SCIENCEHow a snowflake forms, why it forms the way it does, photos of snowflakes, snowflake physics, experiments, read an article about snow crystals, and watch a video about snowflakes. SNOWFLAKE MATHSnowflake math naturally includes geometry, symmetry, patterns, angles, basic shapes, and fractals. Learn […]

Snowflake Language, Social Studies, History and Geography Skills

SNOWFLAKE LANGUAGE SKILLS Activity Village: Snowflake Word Search The Holiday Zone: Printable word search puzzle with words that begin with ‘snow’. There is a crossword puzzle on the same site with snow related clues. Purple Kitty Yarns: Printable cross-word puzzle shaped like a snowflake. Classroom Jr.: Printable Snowstorm Mad-lib Words within Words: Word suggestions to play with: Snowflake, […]

Snowflake Math

Snowflake math naturally includes geometry, symmetry, patterns, angles, basic shapes, and fractals. SYMMETRY Scientific America: Why are snowflakes symmetrical? – This is where science and math come together! Read about the science behind the symmetry of snowflakes. Symmetry of Snowflakes offers another explanation of how a snowflake is formed.Bridges in Mathematics: Snowflake Symmetry – This site […]

Snowflake Science

Borax Snowflake by Fran W Snow Crystals: – This site has a lot of information about snowflakes and snow crystals including how they are formed, photos, physics and other interesting information. Read an interview about “Snowflake Science” with Kenneth Libbrecht, the creator of site, ‘Snow Crystals’, on RadioLab. Home Science Tools: Snowflake Activities – […]

Homemade Hot Cocoa Mix

One of our favorite winter treats is a steamy hot cup of cocoa and to meet the needs and tastes of everyone in the house, we make our own hot cocoa base and add the items we like the most. 1/2 c Powdered cocoa 3/4 c Natural sugar 1/2 […]