Language Skills

Real-World Language Skills

If you are worried about your kids being able to communicate with words creatively and “correctly”, then make it fun and interesting, and show them how to make real-life connections.

For me, language arts includes the following skills:

Reading, writing, listen, speaking, comprehension and viewing (visual literacy – diagrams, charts, pictures, etc.)

All of these skills can be learned through everyday activities and games, and can be expressed many different ways.

I do not believe in limiting how these skills are learned, and I don’t think we need to have a set schedule for when something is understood. People should be encouraged to learn things at their own pace, when they feel ready.

Introducing language skills in ways that connect to the real world, in playful and creative ways, becomes a much more enjoyable experience at any age. The following topics and activities can be found within this site, but if you have a topic you would like to see covered via a real-world learning approach, please leave me a comment and I’ll see what I can do to help.

Read or Listen to Books and Legends

(Scroll down to ‘Learn More’ to find the legend)

Secret Codes 

(Scroll down to Roman Codes)


(Scroll down to activity)

Coming Soon…

Build with words
Create your own poems
Create your own comics
Create your own rhymes
Do word puzzles
Encourage creative spelling
Find out word origins
Make a story wheel
Make invitations
Make posters
Make reviews
Make silly sentences
Make word puzzles
Make your own word cards
Make-up riddles & jokes
Sing songs or make your own
Talk about the sounds you hear
Talk about words
Use magnetic words

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