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Maryland Resource Page

Maryland’s Fort McHenry Quarter Photo by Fran W. Maryland.Gov – The state’s official page.Wikipedia: Maryland – Site offers geographical and historical information, pictures, and other information. This site also offers information about Fort McHenry.Visit Maryland – This is the official site to Maryland’s office of Tourism. It offers information about places to go […]

Women’s Suffrage – Research Resource

Women’s Suffrage in the United States Suffragists Parade Down 5th Ave., 1917 The Fight for Women’s RightsArticles and videos about the Women’s Suffrage Movement. Wikipedia: Women’s Suffrage in the United StatesWikipedia offers a general overview of the Women’s Suffrage Movement.National Women’s History Museum: Women’s SuffrageA long list of the […]

The Life of John Chapman and the Legend of Johnny Appleseed

“The Life of John Chapman and the Legend of Johnny Appleseed“, written and developed by Fran Wisniewski, is a 61 page project-based learning resource for homeschoolers, independent learners, families who enjoy learning together, co-ops, groups, libraries, and classrooms. This uniquely developed ebook is filled with information about Johnny ‘Appleseed’ Chapman’s […]

The Star-Spangled Banner

Francis Scott Key Did you know that America’s national anthem was first written as a poem?  Francis Scott Key wrote a poem entitled, “The Defense of Fort McHenry.” It was later set to the religious hymn, “To Anacreon in Heaven” and renamed, “The Star-Spangled Banner”! If you would […]

4th of July – America’s Independence Day

Celebrate the 4th of July Fran W. The holidays are a great time to learn about history, people, places, events and seasonal foods! Celebrate the 4th of July with fun activities! United States Flag – Find out about the flags of the United States and make one of your own.Declaration […]

History of Thanksgiving

Symbols of Thanksgiving by Becka V. Did you know…  Thanksgiving has been observed as a national holiday since Lincoln’s presidency! Activity: Make a Symbolic Thanksgiving Centerpiece You’ll need:  A recycled container (oatmeal, coffee can, vegetable/fruit can, etc.) Construction paper Scissors White glue Hot glue Symbols of Thanksgiving Basic […]

Inspiring People: Victoria Woodhull

Victoria Woodhull 1838-1927 In 1872, before women had a right to vote, Victoria Woodhull, was the first woman candidate to run for president of the United States!Before running for president of the United States, Victoria and her sister, Tennessee, were the first women stockbrokers, and in addition to […]

The Mayflower

Did you know… “Mayflower in Plymouth Harbor” by William Halsall Christopher Jones was the owner and captain of the Mayflower, until his death in 1622!  It took the Mayflower 66 days to sail from Plymouth, England to Plymouth, Massachusetts, America! Activity: Following the Mayflower’s Journey Find out what it […]