Turkey Trivia With A Twist

Do you enjoy testing your knowledge of various topics? I thought it would be fun to put a little twist on a favorite game….Trivia. With this version of the game, I’d like you to look through the questions and answer them to the best of your ability and count how many questions you get right. If there are any questions you did not know, look up the answers on your own…as a fun research activity.

The questions in this post can be used to make a Turkey Trivia Game.

FranW.com: Wild Turkeys Turkey activities, research question, and links to learn more about turkeys.

Research Links

The Spruce : Wild Turkey – Use this site to find out some interesting facts about wild turkeys.

The Cornell Lab: All About Birds: Wild Turkey – Learn how to identify a turkey by its call, where they can be found in the United States, their origins, and other interesting facts.

Pick Hunt: Turkey – Find out what turkeys eat, where they sleep, what a female turkey is called and much more.

Constitution Daily: The real story behind the presidential turkey pardon – This article offers some interesting information about turkeys who have been pardoned by presidents, past and present.


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All About Birds: Common Raven – Listen to a raven, learn where you can find them Raven on branchand more.

Audubon: How to Tell a Raven From A Crow – Offers picture and sound comparisons.

Mental Floss: 10 Fascinating Facts About Ravens – In addition to being very smart creatures, ravens like to have fun…find out how with the interesting facts in this article.


The Valley of the Ravens – The Secrets of Nature

What Is the Difference Between a Raven and a Crow

Smartest Bird (the intelligent raven solves the puzzle)

The Great and Terrible Raven: Its Place in Mythology and Legend | Documentary

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Wikipedia: Woodpecker – General characteristics, distribution, habitat and movements, behavior: diet and feeding, breeding, and systematic evolution.

All About Birds: Woodpeckers and Allies – Site includes the following info – A variety of woodpeckers, their identification, life history, and a sample of the sounds they make. Some videos have been included for some of the woodpeckers as well.

Defenders:  Woodpeckers: Basic Facts – Info includes – Diet, population, range, behavior, reproduction, and protection status.

Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History: Article: 
Woodpecker Images in the Late Prehistoric Southeast

FranW.com: Bird Watching Activities – Offers a variety of ideas for bringing birds to your yard.

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Black-rumped Flameback

The Sounds Around

Do you ever wonder what some of the animal sounds you hear during the day or at night are? Listening to the sounds before hand can help you identify them when you hear them as well. 
Here are some sites to help you out. 
All About Birds: Songs & Calls
eNatureBird Audio
Bug Bytes: Sound Library
Songs of Insects: Beginner’s Guide
Frogs & Toads
All About Frogs: Songs of the Frog
Bats About Town: Bat Sounds
Avisoft Bioacoustics: Bats
Misc. Animal Sounds
Nature Songs: Other Animal Sounds
Avisoft Bioacoustics: Various Animal Sound Recordings
Click on arrow next to ‘Playlist’ to see the title names. 
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