The Sounds Around

Do you ever wonder what some of the animal sounds you hear during the day or at night are? Listening to the sounds before hand can help you identify them when you hear them as well. 
Here are some sites to help you out. 
All About Birds: Songs & Calls
eNatureBird Audio
Bug Bytes: Sound Library
Songs of Insects: Beginner’s Guide
Frogs & Toads
Nature North: Manitoba Frog & Toad Calls
All About Frogs: Songs of the Frog
ADW: Frog Calls
Bats About Town: Bat Sounds
NPR: Bat Sounds
Avisoft Bioacoustics: Bats
Misc. Animal Sounds
10 Familiar Animals That Make Surprising Sounds
Nature Songs: Other Animal Sounds
Avisoft Bioacoustics: Various Animal Sound Recordings
JungleWalk: Links to Snake Sounds
Click on arrow next to ‘Playlist’ to see the title names. 
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2 responses to “The Sounds Around”

  1. Betty Jo Avatar

    What a marvelous idea to add to a nature study!! Thanks, Fran for the resources 🙂

  2. Fran W Avatar

    Thank you very much, Betty Jo! Enjoy!

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