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St. Patrick’s Day Activities

Funschooling Resources to help you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day all week long!Ireland – Resources for Ireland include: Links to Geographical, historical, and cultural information. Videos have been included as well.St Patrick’s Day Activities – St. Patrick’s Day Activities includes: Crafts, Lesson Plans and videos.Irish & Celtic Folktales: Fairies – Sites about Irish & Celtic […]


This week is about dictionaries: Day #1: Get the week started by building your vocabulary. Day #2: Alphabetize Your Family MembersDay #3: Dictionary CreatorsDay #4: Types of DictionariesDay #5: Words Within Words Connect with Funschooling and Recreational Learning! Facebook  Twitter  Pinterest  Google+YouTube Channel Patreon Note: If this, or any other post on Funschooling and Recreational Learning, […]


Cultural & Botanical Information Irish Culture and Customs: Emblems of Ireland: The Shamrock – Learn how the shamrock became an emblem of Ireland. Fine Gardening: The History of the Shamrock: Full of symbolism, this plant has mystical roots – ArticleSFGate: Botany Difference Between Clover and Shamrock Plants – Read about the […]

Types of Calendars

Article & Information About Calendars Timely: The Importance of Calendars – This article talks about some of the import reasons communities and individuals should keep calendars, along with the benefits.Wikipedia: Calendars – Offers historical information about calendars.Egyptian CalendarMayan Calendar &List of Calendars – Lists over 80 types of calendars.Holidappy: Birth Symbols – Each month […]


Carillon of Peter And Paul Cathedral in Saint-Petersburg Wikipedia: Bell– Etymology, history, styles of ringing, church and temple bells, bellfounding and more. Also,Campanology – The study of bells.Owlcation: Interesting Facts About the History of Bells – Article includes information about: Introduction of Bells Across the World, How Were Bells […]

Chocolate Resource Page

Chocolate Information & Articles Exploratorium: Chocolate – Discover…..The sweet science of chocolate. This is an excellent place to begin your study of chocolate! Science Museum of Minnesota: Where are cacao trees grown? Find out here.Field Museum: Chocolate – History, activities, process of making and much more.Cornell University: Chocolate: Food of the Gods. There is a lot of […]

Irish & Celtic Folktales: Fairies

Timeless Myths: Faeries – Background info: Origins of Faeries and types. Fairy People: A list of faeries and a description.LetterPile: Forgotten Fairies of Irish Folklore & A Guide To Irish Folk Tales – Articles.Wikipedia: Fairy – Historical development, origin, Tuatha Dé Danann and more. Also, Classification of Fairies.Ireland’s Eye: Hidden Ireland: A guide to Irish […]


Wikipedia: Hawaii – Geography and environment, history, demographics, economy, culture and more. Also, Hawaiian Dishes.Lonely Planet: Hawaii – Scroll down to view what the site has to offer in the way of experiences, launch an interactive map, read some articles, and see what activities Hawaii has to offer.Hawaiian Words: Hear […]

The Grim Reaper

The following information is intended for educational purposes only …some content may not be suitable for all audiences. Wikipedia: Death (Personification) – Information about Death, aka, the Grim Reaper through the ages. Cultural beliefs.Thanatos – Greek Mot – Middle EastList of Death Deities – Multi-cultural and religious list of deities associated with death.How Stuff Works: How […]