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Why Christmas: The History of the Yule Log – Learn how the Yule Log was used by various cultures and countries.

Learn Religions: Make a Yule Log – In addition to instructions Yule Log Cakefor how to make a Yule Log centerpiece that can burn candles, and learn a little of the history and symbology of this historic tradition.

The Old Farmer’s Almanac: What is the Yule Log? | Christmas Traditions – Read a little about Yule and use this link to access the recipe at the end of the article. (The link offered does not work correctly.)

Wired.com: Holiday Printable Fun: The Yule LogDownload to print.

DLTK: Toasty Fireplace – How quickly can you solve this Jigsaw Puzzle online? Use the arrow keys to turn puzzle pieces.

Puzzle Image


The Germanic Origins of Yule

Georgina Life – Yule Log Centerpiece

Simplest Buche De Noel | Chocolate Yule Log | Easy Swiss Roll Recipe

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