Recycle Challenge: Water Bottle Challenge 

Before you throw that water bottle away, or toss it into the recycle bin, think of some fun and useful ways to give it a new purpose. Use a small water bottle or a gallon size.

Make sure you clean it out well and allow it to dry completely if you plan to store anything in it.

Tip: A little soapy water will clean it out, to remove odors, a little vinegar or baking soda can help eliminate it.

Here is a list of challenges, please choose as many as you would like to do:

· Use it to plant something that can grow during the fall season. (Gallon size plus would be best for this project.)

· Make a game: With one bottle.

· Make a game: With multiple bottles.

· Make a toy

· A science experiment

· A craft project

· Make a home for an imaginary creature

· A flip bottle game

· A bird feeder

· Storage container

· Some other practical thing

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Paper Clip Fun Page

How many words can you make from the words:


Note: Add some fun twists and turns to your game with the info in this post.

Creativity Challenge

Think of 10 purposeful things you can do with paper clips.

Try your ideas out to see if they they work.

Paper Clip Fill-In

Fit the words into the skeleton.

Make Your Own Puzzle

Instructables: Puzzle Made of Paper Clips – Make a puzzle to give to someone to solve.


Video is not in English.
Adult Supervision is advised.

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Fun Things You Can Do With Old Playing Cards

Before you throw away that old deck of playing cards, take a minute to think about how they can be reused in some useful or fun way. This post offers some interesting ideas.

A set of old playing cards does not have to be full in order for them to be useful and fun.

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Card Flipping Challenge – Can you predict and control how your cards flip?

Cup and Card Stacking – Use playing cards with stacking cups. How high can you stack cups with cards between each one. Cards can be used to tell players how many cups they need to stack. Take out lower cards to make it more challenging for players. Challenge players to pull the cards out so the cups slide back into each other to form a neat stack.

Creative DIY Projects Made With Playing Cards – This site offers pictures and links for craft ideas made with old playing cards.

Artists Helping Children – This site offers some fun things to make with old playing cards.


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Paper Airplanes

Today’s Topic: Paper Airplanes
Did you know……
The Guinness World record for the longest time a paper airplane was held aloft is 29.2 seconds! 
Today’s Activity:  Make paper airplanes
Learn about the history of paper planes, view 50 instructional videos for making paper planes.
Tips and suggestions….
If you want your paper airplanes to fly well, the most important things to remember is to keep the folds straight and even and the creases sharp!
Once you get the hang of making paper planes, try to modify the plane by making a few changes to the design. You can do this by:
– Making little cuts in the wings to create flaps or cut a piece of the middle and bring it to the top of the plane.
– Tape a paper clip to the tip of the plane to help it fly better.
– Tape a skewer or a toothpick to the inside of the middle fold.
– Tape the plane together in the middle or the end.
– Cut a notch in the bottom of the plane and shoot it with a rubber band. 
– Change the way the plane is folded in order to make a new paper plane design.
– Learn how to make a stunt paper airplane.
You can find another stunt plane here.
Suggestions for flying the paper airplane…..
– Learn how to throw a paper airplane by watching this video.
– Fly the paper airplane inside or outside.
– Stand on something high, throw it and measure how far it goes, then throw it from a spot on the ground close by and measure again; compare the two distances.
– Throw the plane toward the sky
– Throw the plane from the shoulder or from the hip and see which one flies further.
– Make a variety of planes and compare how well and how far each one flies.
– Keep a flight log.
Have fun!
Questions of the day:
Who currently holds the Guinness World record for the longest paper airplane in flight?
Who held the Guinness World record for the longest paper airplane flight before the current record holder? 
Learn More:
Learn more about Ken Blackburn, a 13 year Guinness World Record holder
Read about the gentleman that now holds the Guinness World Record for the longest paper plane flight
Site offers patterns and templates for variety of paper planes

How To Fold and Tweak A Great Paper Plane –  YouTube video 7:03
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