Fall A- Z List With Activity Suggestions

Make an A-Z list of fall-related words, then brainstorm some ways to use the list to:

Develop your own games. For ex:

· Charades

· Nature Hunt

· Nature Bingo

· Category Game

· “I’m Thinking Of A Word”

Use as many words as possible to:

· Make a one of a kind criss-cross (fill-in) puzzle on line or on graph paper.

· Draw or write a story.

· Make a Word Scramble

· Think of another word for the chosen words.

· Create a Rebus story.

· Plot out a DIY Word Search Puzzle

· Figure out the Word Values

· Figure out what words can Go Together. (Ex: Crunch & Leaves)

Use the idea provided or come up with your own.

· Decorate your home or room using the words as inspiration.

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